Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bad Spellers of the World UNTIE!!!!!!

Ladys and gentelmen az u may no speling iz hard for sum pepol...not for me I hav an Ay+ ... onest im not lying! think watevr u want to yer probaable jelles of me! I hav mad skilz wen it comz to speling. Iv nevr fulunkked a speling test in mi hole life!!!!! And if ther iz ane airors in mi speling itz becauz mi keebord. Wel eye cant typ with pepol beeing soooo jelles of mi tallent!!!! bi!

P.S. i aktully hav Ay+++ they onlee tel u abot it if u get one!


  1. I totlee cant' stand wen peapol don't spel corrrrectlee. Geezus. Butt if I evr do spel sumthen wrong it's only becaz my phon is so fancee. And my dad is an elf. I don't evn kno wat dat meanz. Thanx fer written this Gabbi. This iz impertent and peaple shood be a ware. Rite. Peez. Cawwwstta.

  2. for some reason when I read what you wrote I can't help but hear it as if a leprechaun is speaking. Something about all the "mi's". I may have spelled leprechaun incorrectly. No offense to the leprechauns reading this. It's one of those words you may say but do not write but once a decade. I wanna host a spelling bee with all leprechauns. I challenge you to read this in your best leprechaun accent. Word. Or shall I say, werd!