Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beginning and End....Not so much

Well as most of you know I have only 11 days of school left!!! XD Well since the end is nearing I am going to make a list of... BEGINNING AND END!!!!
First on my list is a biggy!!!

1. My teacher went from Miss.G to future Mrs.R!!!(Her bf came in front of the class and proposed right there in front of us!! AW...isn't love GRAND?)

...that's about all I have for that for a real blog!

The other night i had a dream I was in some kind of fairy tail. Their were mermaids the size of your forearm...SWEET! There were also crabs the size of dimes, World's sweetest smelling air, nothing but green for miles! Yet the next night I was in the Artic with penguins! More come and go but I haven't had that dream any more. I want to send a shout out to my AMAZING mom for getting me a note book

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