Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi I haven't been getting on my blogs so much, that i can admit, but i am getting back into the swing of things. Recently i realized that it's approaching the time i wrote my first blog. I just got a flip so if my mom okays it i might start posting videos and pictures. I want you also to look up on YouTube/facebook this guy; MysteryGuitarMan... he's awesome! i also need to change the blogs name because next year (soon) I'll be turning 13 the big ONE THREE. How does ramblings from a teen sound?? Vote in comments if you prefer Ramblings from a teen or Ramblings from a teenager. Well that's all i have in my mind right now so i will say bye til' next time.


  1. You rock Gabbi! I wanna hear more. Keep up the writing and share some toughts.


  2. Ramblings from a teen fo sho!

  3. Bella!!! I agree with Dad, "Ramblings from a Teen" :) Such charm and character... great job Gabbilina!