Monday, December 28, 2009

After the Holidays

There is nothing I love more than after the holidays. For example; February-valentines day you get extra chocolates, March-people think they are funny and wear thier leprechaun hats for a couple more days, April-easter. ooopps my sibling stepped on eggs that were not boiled, bad easter bunny!!, July-4th of July - you can sleep til' you think someone's firing a gun (late 4th of july celebraters), October-you eat candy for 5 days then somebody gets in their costume and scares the tar outta you, November-you get extra turkey, hey i could go for a turkey sandwich, December-jkerluy4erd'ptyfsdatyf dhjl;kjikl, j,h jdb, th.....sorry there was a spider on my key where was I? Oh right December-if mom and dad had too much egg nog trying to finish it off you stay up late playing with the toys santa brought you

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