Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have not written for so long (writer's block) that I will ask of you fellow followers to write in comments what you think I should have as a topic for a couple blogs. But for today I will talk about hippotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. As most of you know this is the fear of long words. I know I know you're thinking 'how could someone be afraid of long words?', but it's true. I even know this girl who's afraid of ping-pong balls. Last time I saw her she played a whole game of ping-pong and only cried twice!!!!!! now that is called progress. Anyhow back to hippotomonostrosesquippedaliphobia, as I was saying I also just realized that's a long word for someone who has a fear of long words. in my opinion that just goes to show how crazy this world is. People think ''stop global warming'' and ''stop drilling oil'' how about thinking to stop making words so dang hard!!! It's kind of mean how teachers expect us to learn words like these. All in favor to stop spelling words like these and start spelling words like 'cat' say I!!!! Great, now I developed a new fear: Pedagophobia (fear of teachers) I need to go and find a cure.......bye!

PS:everyone should now have a fear of fears

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