Monday, April 5, 2010


I wll write this hole blg like I txt!!! Isnt it kwl?? If u have trouble understanding wat I am tring 2 say ask me in comments. Now wear waz i?? O rite I waz tlking about txt tlk. It iz fun an ezy 2 lern. U might think this is a repeat of 'Bad spellers of the world untie'...but yr wrong this is awesome txt tlk. Now it may be boring to lis10 to some1 reaad thiz...but if u read it yourself u wll surely like it. I enkerag ppl 2 use txt tlk, i rekomend it. All of my peeps do it an ppl i rokomend it to luv it!!!!! I fel like a eggzpert on txt tlk. If yr having truble abrev. a wrd, just ask me i wll do it, no ?s asked. I gtg bcaz of time but ttyl bff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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